Normani Feels Inspired By Brandy And Janet Jackson

Normani, inspired by Brandy and Janet Jackson, is set to release her debut solo album, ‘Dopamine’, this month.

The singer cites Brandy and Janet as major influences on her music. Brandy features on the album, and Normani has poured her heart into the project.

“They’re literally the reason why I do what I do and why I’m able to be in the position that I am in … They redefined the standard of beauty, but also the standard in music,” says Normani.

She continued, “I feel like Brandy and Janet have really been disruptive in their own ways. I love the album ‘Discipline’ by Janet.” She also praised Beyoncé for being fearless in the country music space.

Which artist do you feel pushes the boundaries the most?


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