Mz. Baldy

Inside the Afternoon Drive with Mz.Baldy

” Shine Bright, Never Dim Your Light.”

Afternoon Drive W/ Mz.Baldy


Mz.Baldy Biography

Mz.Baldy is innovative and full of energy. Born in Hollywood, Florida. she

relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at a young age. Spent her young years

commuted between Florida and Oklahoma. She received her Bachelor of Arts

(BA) in broadcasting journalism from Langston University. Mz.Baldy gained her

first experience in radio during her under grad. Hosting and producing her own

college radio show “TheeBaldyShow” on KALU89Dot3FM. In addition, she also

host several projects with multiple media outlets in the local area. Such as

covering entertainment events around the city and conducting interviews with

special guest. She began and currently retaining her professional radio career with

Culumus-WBLX93 in Mobile, Alabama. Working in radio is what inspire

Mz.Baldy epitome of ambition. She gain the knowledge and experience of

production, management, marketing, and on-air training. currently she hosting and

producing a podcast title “To The Top Podcast”. Her love for radio is to be able to

inspire the community to be aspire, just by using her voice or her persona as

platform. She is a trend-setter and her creativity is unique and outside the box.

There is only one way to find out about her. In conclusion Mz.Baldy is here to live

and fulfill her destiny in “GOD” will.

“Be the sun… remain bright, Even when your day is not right”. – Mz.Baldy

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