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Radio Sales Executives Earn Exceptional Compensation!
If you like being fairly compensated for your efforts, then radio is a great career to consider.  Of course, how much money you make in any sales job is directly related to your productivity, but a recent Arbitron survey found that over 80% of radio account executives felt they were being fairly compensated.

Radio Offers You Professional Growth Opportunity!
Consolidation has given sales people in the radio industry more opportunity than ever before.  For example, over 70 percent of radio salespeople today sell advertising on more than one station.  Because they now represent a wider variety of formats, radio salespeople now have the opportunity to sell to a wider variety of customers.  They can also package the stations they represent to achieve more success for their customers.  Plus, many of the larger radio broadcast groups also own other media outlets such as outdoor advertising companies, Internet ventures and television stations.  This multimedia reach expands the growth opportunities for radio account executives even further.

You’ll Be Respected in the Media Community!
In the Arbitron study, well over half of the account executives surveyed said that they feel their peers in the media industry respect them.  And why shouldn’t they?  Today’s radio account executives are accustomed to doing business with the top companies and advertising representatives in town!  They also get the opportunity to work with the celebrities as well as local and state officials at station promotions and community events.  Successful radio salespeople are a valuable resource to the advertisers in the community.

You’ll Be a Part of a Diverse and Vibrant Industry!
Tune up and down the radio dial and you’ll find many different formats, each carefully researched and designed to appeal to a particular segment of listeners.  The people you will work with inside those station groups are diverse too.  The broadcasting industry is eager to find the best talent, and that talent comes in many different packages!

You’ll Receive Valuable Training!
If you don’t have experience in radio sales, no problem!  Today’s broadcasters understand the value of properly training their employees.  As a recent industry study found, two-thirds of today’s radio salespeople who have entered the profession in the past two years say that their first six months of sales training was “good” or “excellent”.  But that hasn’t always been the case.  Those who have sold radio for 10 years or more verified that.  Almost 60 percent of the “old timers” rated their first six months of training as only “fair” or “poor”.  Entering the profession in this new era of consolidation ensures that you’ll get the right training and tools to have a successful career as an account executive.

You’ll Put Your Creativity to Work!
Selling advertising for a radio station isn’t like selling copiers or cell phones.  There’s a lot more creativity that goes into marketing your station and the radio “product”.  You won’t simply by selling “air”.  You’ll be helping create the commercial message that fills that airtime. You’ll also learn to schedule the commercials effectively, help in the creation of their content, and work with your customers to develop their entire marketing plan.  A radio account executive helps turn an intangible product or service into a unique marketing campaign by using his or her own creativity.

It’s Fun!
And besides, working in the broadcasting business is hardly like working for a bank or insurance company.  Radio is “show biz”.  Participating in community events, helping design and execute promotions and working with the on-air personalities at our radio stations add extra spice to a job that is unique from any other industry.

Job Description

•  Sell advertising air time on the radio stations to current and potential customers
•  Prospect and sell new advertising to the station
•  Learn and understand the radio business and industry
•  Work and research such as Arbitron Ratings system
•  Prepare and present presentations to customers and potential customers
•  Be an efficient and organized time manager
•  Represent Cumulus Media Mobile proudly and professionally to the retail community
•  Provide high level of customer service to Cumulus Media Mobile customers
•  Create effective promotions
•  Create effective and result-oriented campaigns for Cumulus Media Mobile clients
•  Integrate yourself between departments within our company
•  Take initiative toward solving problems and recommending creative advertising solutions

Attitude and Skill

•  Courage, confidence, empathy, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, professional, integrity, takes initiative, creative, organized, flexible, outgoing, personable, passionate
•  College degree preferred
•  Familiarity with the business community in Mobile and surrounding area
•  Media Sales/Outside Sales experience helpful

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