Gentleman George is a 20-year radio veteran, that’s if you don’t count the time, spent rocking the mic while in high school with his well-known radio jock Dad. He’s worked in Urban and Rhythmic radio over the past 10 years at stations across various area codes from (Louisiana), (Charleston SC) to right here in Macon. He has been Program Director for WLZN Blazin 92.3 for past 10 years … which is a record for this trailblazer.  He is a great seller of any and every product that he has endorsed. In the past he’s had endorsements for Restaurants, Weight Loss products, Lawyers, Clothing and Furniture retail stores.

Gentleman George’s reputation precedes him in national markets, school systems and communities. His gift of gab and straight-no-chaser persona makes him a sort of comedian, but his style of “real” is respected in the industry and by those who have the good fortune to know him. Gentlemen George has empowered many who have the hopes of a career in radio or entertainment in a no-nonsense type of way.


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