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Nick @ Nite ” The Hip Hop Lounge”

“DA KRUNK MONSTER” The Hip Hop Lounge! Monday . Friday 6:00 P.M.-10 P.M.  Email: [email protected] First radio station: WYOK Mobile, AL, 1996. (Pumping the funk from the dump!) Zodiac: Aquarius Biggest influences: Kool Herc, Afrika Bambataa, Grand Master DST, Kool DJ Red Alert, Frankie Crocker Favorites Artists: Erykah Badu and on and on…all genres! City:  Prichard Colors:  Black and earth tones…MORE

Janice Moore

Joy in the Morning | The Next Generation   Sunday 6:30-10am   E-mail:  [email protected]   First day on the air:  October 2005, WGOK   Zodiac:  Cancer Favorite song:  Jesus Will   Favorite city:  Mobile Favorite book:  Commentaries Favorite color:  Pink Best way to relax:  Watching TV Guilty pleasure:  Blue Bell ice cream Parting words:  Whenever you…MORE

Nina Rawz

Sunday 5-9pm Show features: Featured Artist of Week, Rawzyology 101 (Music Business), The Gossip Center Social media [email protected] FaceBook: Twitter: @NinaRawz Instagram: @DjNinaRawz Birthday:  October 20 Zodiac:  Libra Hometown:  New York Radio Days:  Nina Rawz, originated in the radio world as a street team member CBS Radio 93.7FM WBLK 2004 in Buffalo, NY, and progressed…MORE


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