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Bobby Shmurda Reveals He Had Oral Sex & Smoked Weed in Prison!

In a recent interview with Variety, Bobby said he smoked weed and had oral sex while in prison. He said some of the officers just ignored it. This came up when he was asked what was the craziest moment in prison and he couldn’t choose between the riots or the sex on visits. I got oral sex, didn’t get sex-sex. “I’m too big to be doing all that other S***”. When he was 16 he was in a psychiatric ward and it was a horrible experience. He said his time in prison was a better experience. in his words “You smoke weed, get head on visits, you good.”

Chief Keef Nearly Causes Fireworks Accident Outside Home

Chief Keef was lucky he didn’t set a home and several cars on fire after launching fireworks on 4th of July. One shell explodes in the sky, tipping the box and sending dozens of shells towards by standers ,a home, and parked cars.

watch video above to watch all the actions!

Video Credit: Oblock Records

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