Tyla Says Britney Spears Comparisons Are ‘Getting Boring Now’

Tyla finds Britney Spears parallels “boring.” Last October, the 22-year-old singer unveiled her ‘Water’ music video, which fans compared to Britney’s 2001 ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ video.

Tyla didn’t like the similarity then and is now annoyed by Britney allusions in discussions. The ‘Overdue’ singer said she and her crew attempt to innovate with her music videos and enjoy being around “new and fresh ideas.”

Tyla said the choreography is usually the result of “random people” expressing themselves “in the moment.”

“Honestly, when people bring up these references, most of the time there was never a reference,” Tyla told Dazed. “It’s never, ‘Make the video look completely like this.’ It’s getting boring now.”

What is your favorite music video right now?


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