Gloss Up Says She Left Hunxho After Video Surfaced Of Keyshia & Hunxho In Vegas

Recently, Gloss Up has been stirring the pot over Keyshia Cole and Hunxho’s relationship, suggesting that Hunxho only wants Keyshia because she doesn’t want Hunxho.

Gloss Up said, “Let’s wrap this up so y’all can get the overview and leave me alone. 1. That is NOT my man. I left him from the jump because of how open you can see him being. 2. I don’t wish pain or infliction on anyone. He simply played both sides and I chose to step away from it.”

She continued, “3. I moved on and he couldn’t take it so he reached out to ME hurt and wanting to make amends. 4. He insisted he wasn’t happy and the love from over there wasn’t genuine and that the only love he truly felt was from JERRICA (ME).”

She added, “5. He tried to play in both our faces and I spoke up 6. I’m over it and wish them folks the best but the best advice I could give is run don’t walk because he’s a mass manipulator.”

ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 28: Rapper Gloss Up attends Republic Saturdays at Republic Lounge on January 28, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)


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