FAMU RATTLERS ARE ALL IN THEIR FEELINGS…..LMAO as Drake rocks high school jersey in his New Orleans video for “In My Feelings”.  The jersey he rocks has ties to Mobile County Public Schools! That’s right…. Drake rocks “Boogie” Cousins high school jersey from Leflore High School!  How cool is that.

Photo courtesy of @LegionHoops


At the time of me seeing it late last night till now, the video has been seen over 7 million times on YouTube.  Needless to say social media is going crazy.  Nope its not (HBCU) FAMU Rattlers, its Leflore High in MOBILE, AL.  Now, all we need is for Drizzy to pay us a visit. So Drake I am personally inviting you to the port city of Mobile, AL.  Drake come experience southern hospitality at its finest, and of course home of Mardi Gras. I’m sure Boogie would set it out for you.

If you haven’t seen Drake sporting the jersey here’s the video. ….. oh if you are from Mobile, when you see it you will get “In Your Feelings”.


Salute Drake! We thank you for the love.


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