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What’s good Gulf Coast? Thanks for dropping by my page. Let me start by telling you a little about myself.

Well, I am a graduate of Murphy High School in Mobile, Alabama and actually starting deejaying in elementary school. I started my professional radio career at WDLT-FM in Mobile, Alabama and moved over to WBLX-FM before moving on to WVEE-FM in Atlanta, GA. Since then, my turntables, decks, mic and I have traveled from the East Coast to Central Texas. I have rocked clubs from country western to hip hop, and mixed at private celebrity parties from coast to coast and played at various Gentleman’s clubs. Now I’m back home on the Gulf Coast doing what I love, so catch me on the airwaves and around town doing what I enjoy, delivering grooves from East to West from house party to nightclub. I have earned nominations and accolades for best DJ time and time again since 1990. My passion is for community and entrepreneurship.


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Its easy to be the best . . . trick is finding out what you do best.


Rapper Polo G arrested in Miami

Rapper Polo G arrested in Miami

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Six makeup application tips Rihanna swears by . . .

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